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Your Social Profile & Your Divorce: Do’s & Don’ts

Updated: Jul 1, 2024 @ 1:36 am

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Divorce situations are turbulent experiences. Sometimes, it can seem like the emotional and legal complexities are boundless. In a world where social media can be part of every aspect of some of our lives, you’ll need to tread carefully on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during these sensitive times.

At The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, we know how a divorce can change your life and challenge your sense of normality. We’re here to guide you away from the potential pitfalls of posting on social media while helping you make strategic decisions during your divorce proceedings.

If you’re considering divorce or have questions, contact us today to speak with an experienced Galveston divorce lawyer. Call Tad & Amber 24/7 at 409-904-0043 or send us a message via the contact form.

Social Media in a Divorce Environment

A Family Court Minefield

Woman using her phone to access her social media profile.

Your social presence can be a double-edged sword during a divorce. Every post, like, or comment becomes a digital footprint that’s potentially admissible in court.

Texas law allows social media content to be subpoenaed for use as evidence in divorce cases. Reckless social posts can also influence decisions regarding alimony, child custody, and asset division.

Do: Privatize Your Profiles

The first line of defense is to adjust your privacy settings.

Lock down your profiles to prevent unwanted prying eyes and flying monkeys from gathering information that could be twisted against you in court. Altering your privacy settings may not render your information completely inaccessible legally. However, it does provide an initial barrier to shield your personal life from immediate scrutiny.

Don’t: Overshare or Vent Online

It might feel cathartic to vent about your divorce situation on your social profile. Keep in mind that the digital space is not a confessional.

Details about your divorce, negative remarks about your spouse, or even subtle implications about your lifestyle choices can be misconstrued and leveraged against you.

Remember, anything you share online is potentially evidence in your divorce proceedings.

We don’t need to help the other side.

Keep everything private, and don’t post anything about your case. Avoid using social posts to agitate people involved with your divorce.

Financial Disclosures on Social Media

People tend to use their social profiles to show off their lifestyles. In Texas divorce cases, financial matters are an open book. Regarding asset and debt division, being flashy or seen engaging in extravagant activities on your social profile can hurt you in court.

Do: Think Before You Post

Think before you post that picture of your new car or your vacation. Such illustrations can raise questions about your financial affidavits. This could mean accusations of asset concealment or hurt your claim of an inability to pay support.

Don’t: Discuss Financial Matters

Avoid discussing any of your financial details on any social platform. Conversations about purchases, investments, or changes in your employment status should remain private matters. Such activity might influence the court’s view of your financial responsibilities.

It’s best to be gray about your finances during these times. Once things are finalized, you can move about your life as normal.

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Social Media & Child Custody Cases

In custody battles, your social media presence can be used to assess your character. In Galveston child custody cases, we’ve seen divorce lawyers use this information to attack your parenting capabilities.

Do: Promote a Positive Image

If you’re going to post on your profile, be sure to post content that demonstrates responsible parenting. Sharing moments that reflect an active participation in your children’s lives can support your child custody case.

Don’t: Criticize Your Spouse Publicly

Publicly criticizing your spouse can reflect poorly on your character. The court favors co-parenting and mutual respect. Such actions could be viewed as attempts to alienate your children’s affection from their other parent.

Don’t showcase toxic behavior.

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Seek Legal Counsel in Managing Social Media

Do: Consult Your Defense Attorney

Before making any potentially damaging social media updates during your divorce, talk with legal counsel. At Tad Nelson & Associates, we’ll advise you on these matters. It’s important to consider the specifics of your case so you can manage your social media presence with cautionary foresight.

Don’t: Ignore Legal Advice

Ignoring the guidance of your attorney regarding social media use can have detrimental effects on your divorce outcome.

At Tad Nelson & Associates, we emphasize the importance of a strategic approach to these matters during the divorce process. Mr. Tad Nelson and Ms. Amber Spurlock are highly experienced divorce lawyers who will help you manage the legal proceedings and certain aspects of your online presence during these challenging times.

For further guidance or to speak with a divorce lawyer in Galveston, call us at 409-904-0043. We’re ready to hear about the situation and provide legal representation. Schedule your free consultation today.


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