Under Texas Law, modifying orders related to custody, visitation, financial obligations, child support payments, and property, as declared by the Decree of Divorce, are all possible. Once a divorce is finalized, mandates of the Decree of Divorce must be adhered to by all involved parties.

Common orders from Galveston County Family Court judges often include or are related to, but aren’t limited to, child visitation, financial obligations, property possession, and a number of other directives which vary in particularity to any given case.

Modification of Divorce Decrees

Galveston Agreement ModificationsIf the modification you’re hoping to make is possible, we’ll, in all likelihood, be able to help make the modification a reality.

If the modification involves a child, and we can prove the modification you’re requesting serves the child’s best interests, we can help. Contact our legal team for answers to any questions you may have involving the Decree of the Divorce by calling 409-765-5614.

The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates can meet with you to get a better understanding of the current divorce decree, learn more about modifications to the divorce decree you seek, and to let you know if the modification you seek is possible, and probable.

Child Support Modifications

If the financial realities of you or your spouse changes, the door opens to the possibility of having a divorce or child-support order modified. In instances where one of the parents experiences a growth in their income – a child support modification is justified. By the same token, if one of the parents experiences a severe drop in their income, the courts will be willing to make an adjustment as well.

Prior to making modifications, or attempting to do so, we’ll investigate whether or not your spouse actually experienced a drop in their income, can find out if they’ve had a raise, and may even uncover hidden assets and income.

Galveston, TX Child Support & Divorce Decree Modification Lawyers