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Updated: Nov 12, 2018 @ 11:33 pm

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Under Texas Law, court orders related to child custody, visitation, financial obligations, child support payments, and property distribution, as declared by the Decree of Divorce, can be changed or “modified” in some cases.

Galveston Agreement Modifications

Once a divorce is finalized, mandates of the Decree of Divorce must be adhered to by all involved parties, but it doesn’t mean that circumstances won’t arise which might demand a change to the court order.

Common rulings from Galveston County family court judges often include or may be related to child visitation agreements, financial obligations like child support payments, property possession, and a number of other factors which vary in particularity to any given case.

Regardless of the situation that you or your family are experiencing; our experienced family law attorneys are ready to hear about your goals and work with you to hammer out a solution.

To reach Tad or Amber, our lead family law attorneys, call us at 409-904-0043 or send us a discreet message by clicking here and utilizing our message form.

Modification of Divorce Decrees

If you’re seeking to have a court order modified, and the change being sought is lawful, we’ll provide the legal representation and insight you will certainly need to mount an effective litigation campaign to secure that end.

Even if you need assistance determining the legality of the modification you seek before you move forward, we’ll help you.

Court Order Modifications Involving Children

If the court order modification you’re requesting involves a child or children, and we can prove the modification you’re seeking serves the child’s best interests, we’ll have a good chance of success in the appellate process.

It is the goal of the family court system to provide children with the greatest benefit possible. If we can successfully demonstrate that the change you seek will benefit the child or children of the marriage, it greatly increases our chances of a successful appeal.

Changes to Child Support Payments

Increases to Child Support Payments

If the financial realities of you or your spouse changes, the door opens to the possibility of having a child-support order modified. In instances where one of the parents experiences a growth in their income – a child support modification is justified to increase the benefit to the child.

Child Support Payment Reduction

By the same token, if one of the parents experiences a severe drop in their income, the courts may be willing to make a relief adjustment as well.

Prior to petitioning the court for a modification, we’ll conduct our own investigation to support our appeal or to contest the appeal of the adversary.

Our investigation process involves inquiries into, for example, the truth of whether or not your spouse actually experienced a drop in their income, to find out if they earned a pay increase, and may even uncover hidden assets and other income that the court should consider. With experienced legal counsel working for you, there is no telling what may be uncovered.

Need to Consult with Legal counsel?

The Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates will need to meet with you to review and get a better understanding of the current divorce decree, learn more about the modifications to the divorce decree you seek, and to let you know if the modification you seek is possible, and probable.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with our legal team to review the potential for success on your case, we’re here for you. Contact our legal team for answers to any questions you may have involving filing a petition with the court for a change to a divorce decree or other court order. To contact us, call our law office in Galveston at 409-904-0043.

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