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A Review of Child Support & Texas Law

Updated: Jan 24, 2024 @ 3:56 am

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At Tad Nelson & Associates, we’re not just child support attorneys; we’re also committed to doing our part to keep you informed. Child support is it related to Texas family law is often misunderstood. So, we’ll review a few aspects of the system that we think is the most relevant to you.

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Parents are responsible for providing for the needs of their children during, before, and after a marriage. In general, the non-custodial parent is often ordered to pay child support.

Understanding Child Support in Texas

In Texas, child support is a legal obligation, not a choice. Governed by the Texas Family Code, specifically Title 5, Chapter 154, this responsibility ensures that children receive consistent financial support from non-custodial parents. But it’s not as straightforward as it seems. Let’s dive deeper.

The Calculation Conundrum

How much should a non-custodial parent pay?

Texas uses a percentage model based on the payer’s net income and the number of children needing support.

It’s a sliding scale. For one child, it’s 20% of the net resources, increasing with each additional child. But, it’s capped! The Texas legislature set a cap on the amount of net resources to be considered, adjusted every six years for inflation. Check the Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division for the latest figures.

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Beyond the Basics

Other Considerations

Child support isn’t just a monthly check. It can cover health insurance, medical expenses, and even travel costs for visitation. It’s about ensuring the child’s holistic well-being.

Modifications and Enforcement

Things Change

Child support orders aren’t immune to change.

Modifying Child Support Orders

Lost a job, had a new baby, or received a significant salary hike?

These are grounds for modification. Either parent can file a petition for modification if there’s a material and substantial change in circumstances. But, there’s a catch – you can only file for modification once every three years unless there’s a significant income change or the current support differs by 20% or $100 from the guidelines.

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The Long Arm of the Law

Child Support Enforcement Issues

Missed payments are a serious issue. The Texas Family Code §157.261 allows for various enforcement methods, including wage withholding, liens on property, or even license suspension. It’s a rigorous system build as an incentive to make sure that children’s rights are not overshadowed.

Special Scenarios

Navigating Unique Situations

Every family’s story is unique, and so are the challenges in child support cases.

Self-Employment and Irregular Income: A Tricky Terrain

Galveston County Child Support LawyerCalculating child support for self-employed parents or those with fluctuating incomes is complex. Courts look at average income, potential earning capacity, and sometimes, a little bit of legal intuition.

Cross-Border Challenges

When Parents Live in Different States

Interstate child support cases add layers of complexity via the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). However, working within this system requires a seasoned family lawyer.

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Whether it’s a straightforward child support calculation or a convoluted case with unique challenges, we’re here to provide personalized, professional guidance. Based in Galveston, we serve a diverse clientele, ensuring that each experience in the Texas family law system is as smooth as possible.

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