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Mistakes to Avoid During Your Divorce

Updated: Sep 25, 2023 @ 8:10 am

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At Tad Nelson & Associates, we’ve been untangling the intricacies of divorce law for decades. During our experience as Galveston family lawyers, we’ve seen and remedied countless divorce missteps. Many people make mistakes during the course of a divorce. This blog post intends to offer the wisdom you’ll need to avoid common divorce mistakes.

If you’re in need of legal representation or have questions about ending your marriage or other civil matters, contact us today. To reach Attorneys Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock, call us at 409-904-0043.

Acting Hastily

When under pressure we act, often swiftly. But in divorce proceedings, impetuosity can be your undoing. Decisions—be it property division or child custody—require more than a cursory glance.

Texas Family Code §6.001 emphasizes the need for patience, urging couples to live apart for at least three years before the court grants a divorce on grounds of insupportability. The best decision might seem to imply a quick exit, but the long-term implications can be dire.

Mishandling Assets

Financial matters get thorny, especially if left unattended. Some spouses conceal assets, hoping to emerge richer post-divorce. But remember, Texas is a community property state. Per Texas Family Code §7.002, attempting to hide assets can not only tilt property division unfavorably but might invite legal penalties too.

Going It Alone

It’s tempting to think, “I’ve got this.” But divorce law isn’t a DIY project.

Sure, there are lots of helpful resources online, but can they replace the experience of a seasoned attorney?


Texas Family Code is complex. Without an experienced Texas family law counselor on your side, you open yourself up to unnecessary risk brought on by oversight and misinterpretation. Don’t gamble with your future; schedule your free consultation with our Galveston divorce lawyers today. Reach us at 409-904-0043.

Using Children as Pawns

Child custody disputes are always heart-wrenching. It’s easy to let emotions cloud judgment. It’s important to remember that children aren’t chess pieces.

Thinking of using them to score points against your ex?

It’s not just ethically questionable, but Texas courts frown upon it. According to Texas Family Code §153.001, the best interests of the child always take precedence. A move seen as manipulative can backfire, skewing custody decisions unfavorably.

Badmouthing Your Spouse

Word gets around. Especially in a close-knit town like Galveston. It might feel momentarily satisfying to vent about your soon-to-be ex, but public mudslinging has consequences. Not only does it strain mutual relationships, but if these complaints reach the court, it may question your intent and maturity.

It’s always better to breathe, seek a trusted confidante, or consult your attorney before letting frustrations spill out into the streets.

Over-Attachment to Assets

Whether it’s that beach house where memories were made or the art collection you painstakingly built together—attachments to these objects can run deep. However, in divorce proceedings, holding a stubborn posture can be costly. Often, holding onto one asset means sacrificing another. A realistic, occasionally detached perspective on property helps. Sometimes it’s wiser to let go, ensuring smoother negotiations and a more favorable settlement.

Ignoring Estate Planning

Divorce isn’t just about ending the present union; it’s about reshaping your future. Estate planning, often relegated to the sidelines, becomes paramount. Who gets the inheritance? How are assets divvied up posthumously? Updating your will, and other estate directives, ensures that your wishes, rather than outdated legal bindings, dictate these decisions.

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